I dag presenterer vi Filip Stajic

I dag presenterer vi Filip Stajic

Age💁‍♂️: 23

Position👉: Tennis Coach

Contact details✒️: sfilips94@gmail.com, 941 01 775

Education🎓: Bachelors degree in special education. Finished sports high school in Ålesund, Norway. Tennis education: ITF level 1, ITF level 2, GPTCA C-level license (ATP certified)

Tennis experience🎾: Filip started playing tennis when he was 6 years old in Belgrade, Serbia. Moved to Norway when he was 15 years old. He started his coaching career in Ålesund tennis club as an assistant coach in 2010. After working for some time in Ålesund, he moved to Oslo and continued working in several clubs such as Nesøya tennis club, Bygdø tennis club, Furuset tennis club and Soon tennis club. He has been working with all levels and ages (red, orange, green, children, adults). Since 2016 Filip has been working in Oslo tennis club.

Hobbies🏃‍♂️: Other sports activities, music, outdoor.