Spring course for kids and adults

Spring course for kids and adults

OTK offers an additional 10-week spring course for all levels of play. We offer time slots for red, orange, green, yellow ball players and adults at different times throughout the week. It’s possible to play once or more times a week or as an additional hour for those who have been already participating in our regular courses. Prices depends on the age, membership and how many times per week you want to play.

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We invite you to a minicamp on the outdoor courts in the easter holiday (March 29-31) unless new corona restrictions make it impossible. The camp is for players born between 2002 and 2014. You can sign up for 3 days.

Red practice between 09:00 and 10:30, 1,5 hours every day. Price 675,-

Orange/Green/Yellow practice between 09:00 and 13:00, 2 hours every day. The camp will be split into orange, green and yellow groups. The time for each player will be decided Friday 26 March.

The final decision whether there will be a camp or not (depending on number of registrations) will be made on Friday the 26th at 4 pm

Coronavirus – rules as from January 23

Coronavirus – rules as from January 23

New rules after an outbreak of the mutated virus in Nordre Follo

All indoor activities are cancelled until January 31. The plastic dome is closed.

All members can book courts outdoors. We will keep courts 4, 6, 8 and 9 open for play as long as we manage to keep the snow at bay.

All infection protection rules shall be adhered to. Players shall stop playing 5 minutes before the full hour and be out of the court before the full hour. Players shall not enter the court until the full hour.



OTK arranges minicamp for red, orange and green groups from Monday 21/12 to Wednesday 23/12.

Red and Orange 09:00-10:30 and Green 10:30-12:00. The price per player is 750, -. 

Registration is via Matchi under activities – remember to use your child’s Matchi account. Send an e-mail to OTK with the child’s name if you do not remember which e-mail you used in the child’s account. Registration deadline is Thursday 17/12 at 16:00

Important! Only for children born in 2008 and later!

Coronavirus – rules as from March 10

Coronavirus – rules as from March 10
  • Adults can not participate in organised practice outdoors or take private lessons outdoors

Who can play?

In the plastic dome:

  • No one except players on one of the national teams or Norwegian Elite Team players


  • children born in 2002 and later can participate in organised practice or take private lessons
  • All members can book courts outdoors.


  • No one with symptoms of Covid-19 infection, including fever, respiratory symptoms, or other symptoms that may indicate Covid-19 infection, may play or stay at facilities associated with OTK until clarified by a doctor no Covid-19 infection
  • No person with a previously proven Covid-19 infection can play or stay at facilities associated with OTK before being cleared by a doctor
  • No persons with imposed home isolation or quarantine may play or stay at facilities associated with OTK until the period has expired
  • Normal infection control rules apply with no physical contact (always applies and also outside OTK’s facility), frequent hand washing and 1-meter distance (except inside the household

The following is done to reduce the possibility of people getting close together around the entrance and the stairs down to court 3:

  • All courses, private lessons, subscription lessons, team training and regular course bookings must end games 5 minutes before full time. Balls are picked up, and you should be out of the bubble before a full hour
  • Everyone who enters the bubble – regardless of activity – must wait until a full hour to enter
  • Everyone who enters the bubble should wash their hands with Antibac – the dispenser hangs on the board close to the door when you enter the dome
  • It is possible to wait upstairs in the fireplace room in the clubhouse if you arrive early

Children’s course (kindergarten, red, orange, green, yellow and competition) 

Same as general, plus: 

  • Children should not be escorted into the bubble or picked up in the bubble. If parents need help with dressing and undressing, this can be done in the locker rooms in the clubhouse
  • The coaches will follow the youngest children out of the bubble and onto the clubhouse when the training is over. Parents are asked not to gather right outside the entrance to the bubble
  • Parents who wait while their children exercise can either wait in the fireplace room upstairs on the second floor of the clubhouse or sit outside the clubhouse when it is sunny and nice weather
  • Children who ride bicycles must put the bicycle in or next to the bicycle racks, do not lock them in the fences just outside the bubble – this makes it very difficult to pass

We will build a new hall!

We will build a new hall!

Over the past year, there have been small drops of information from the club to the members about a permit received here, a complaint there, and a positive decision here. After 8 years of work, we have finally come so far that we can clearly say: Now we will build a tennis hall!

Construction of the tennis hall 

  • OTK received a permit this summer, and in September the County Governor rejected complaints about the permit. The county governor’s decision is final. In a short time
  • OTK will start on phase 1 of an interaction contract with the construction company Bundebygg. The goal of this phase is to design the tennis hall in detail and agree on a target price for the hall. The project will then apply for a start-up permit
  • The schedule for the demolition and construction start will be ready during the spring. Without making hasty promises, we assume the start of demolition sometime in the second or third quarter of 2021
  • It is expected that the construction period will be 15-18 months

Construction of houses on courts 11 and 12 

  • The 2017 annual meeting decided to sell these two courts plus some additional area (a total of approx. 3.3) to finance the new tennis hall
  • Oslo Municipality unanimously adopted a zoning plan for the site that allows a somewhat higher utilization rate than the original zoning
  • We have been through a lawsuit and an expropriation process with the County Governor and the Ministry of Local Government. Now the expropriation of the easement is final, and the buyer of the property can now build according to the zoning plan. Oslo District Court will decide how much OTK must pay in compensation to those who lose the right to sue the easement
  • This – in addition to public funds – means that the tennis hall is fully financed

Courses and bookings during the construction period

  • We are working on different options, and expect to get back to members with more information in the first quarter of 2021

Cooperation with Qualified solutions

Cooperation with Qualified solutions

«10 seconds of activity can give 10.000 kroner in the club’s coffers”

Oslo Tennisklubb has entered into an exciting cooperation project with our sponsor and partner Qualified Solutions that is not only giving OTK advantages, but is also giving the local businesses a positive contribution.

Through Qualified Solutions partner LeadX it is very easy for OTK members to register a sales lead for Qualified Solutions that will give cash back to the club.

Qualified Solution is a company that recruits to both temporary and permanent positions at management and staff levels.

You can therefore contribute to OTK no matter at what level your network is.

The cooperation works as follows:

If you know about a company in your network that needs extra manpower you use a few seconds to register this information through an app called LeadX360.

The tip rewards OTK with 200 NOK. If the tip leads to a meeting the club receives an additional 300 NOK, and if the tip leads to a recruitment assignment OTK will be compensated with a total of 10.000 NOK.

The club will also reward those that brings extra income to the club. On the 10th day of every month we will update a list of accumulated contributions to the club since startup. Everyone that has contributed 5000 NOK or more to the club will get a free private lesson. Every additional contribution of 5000 NOK will give a new private lesson. Hvordan komme i gang?

  1. Set aside 5-7 minutes to watch these videos:

Who is Qualified Solutions?

More information about LeadX

Why is this good for Oslo Tennisklubb?

  1. Registrer via this link:


and create your personal password

  1. Download LeadX360 at AppStore or PlayStore and log in with your email and your new password.
  2. You’re set to go!

We encourage all members to be agile in both your job and personal network, and use the app whenever you identify a need.

Use 10 seconds to post a tip, and Qualified Solutions will do the rest!

Thanks for contributing!

Thank you for the season

Thank you for the season

The coaches and administration at OTK say thank you for winter and spring season. We wish all members and course participants a great summer! Follow OTK on Instragram and Facebook – we’re constantly updating!

Summer camps week 26,27, 28, 32 and 33

Summer camps week 26,27, 28, 32 and 33

OTK offers activity camps for children in June, July and August between 09:00 and 17:00 every day. In addition, we offer adult camps Monday – Thursday 17:00-18:30 or 18:30-20:00 the same weeks. More information and registration form can be found under “Camps – sign up”.

NB! no regular courses these weeks!