Here you can see various activities, which we offer in the Oslo Tennis Club.

Sign up for activities using the link below:

Sign up by clicking “Login” on the activity you want. If you are already registered in Matchi, you can only use email and password to log in. If you are not registered select “Sign up”

If you already have the Oslo Tennis Club as a favorite, you can simply press the OTK logo. If not, you must write “Oslo” in “select a building, city” under “Upcoming bookings”. Then select “Oslo Tennis Club” and press “smash”

Scroll down to “activities” at the bottom of the page and press “Book”. Follow the instructions further

List of our current activities:

  • Find playing partner
  • Spring Challenge
  • Drop-in

Find playing partner

A lot of OTK members would like to play with other members that are at the same playing level. This is how you’ll find a playing partner:

  1. Log in to your Match account – use Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer as web browser – we have some problems using Google Chrome
  2. Chose «My profile» and scroll down to «Sport profile»
  3. Decide overall level (there’s a description when you push the lever up or down) and decide level for individual strokes
  4. Scroll to the top of the page and select “Matching” on the left hand side. Specify county, country, club, etc

Send message (on the right hand side of the screen) when you have found someone you want to play with

Spring Challenge​

We would like to give our course participants (and competition-keen members not attending courses) an opportunity to compete against each other, but in addition also give you a chance to meet new people at the same level of tennis which will create excellent opportunities in finding new hitting partners for the summer!.

Beginners, intermediate or advanced, all of you have the opportunity to join the tournament. There will be 5 different categories, beginners mixed (men and women together), intermediate and advanced men and women separate.

VENUE: Oslo Tennisklubb (clay or hardcourt)

START: May 9 (Groups of 4-6 play round robin, i.e. all players play all the others in the group)

FINISH: The round robin play has to be finished by August 30th. A playoff will take place in September

BARBEQUE AND PRICEGIVING:We will invite all participants to a celebration party in September (Players have to bring their own food and drinks!!) The winner and finalist of each category receives trophies!

ADMINISTRATION FEE: You pay a 275 NOK fee when signing up

SIGN UP: Deadline April 30. Sign up on, using your Matchi-account. Contact if you face difficulties signing up


Each player will be placed in groups of 4-6, as far as it is possible. The group composition will include contact details so that you can organize your matches in a matter that suits you the best. You have between May 9 and August 30 to finish your group matches.

It is crucial when you contact each other that you make sure WHO will book the court. Only members can book a court on their own. In case of 2 non-members playing each other contact Michael (412 39 951) or Reidar (916 33 299) and he will arrange a court.

After the round-robin (group play), a number of players from each group will advance to a playoff (quarter or semifinal) in a knockout format, which means you are finished with the tournament if you lose. The number of players that advance is dependant on the number of players in the category. OTK will place each player in a suitable category.

The matches in ALL 4 categories will be played with a time limit. You book ONE hour, warm up 10 min, play match 45 min and stop 5 min before end of hour to sweep and clean the court.

SCORING: Normal serving from above, diagonally into the correct service box. Beginners can serve underarm serve. Count normal games 15, 30, 40 AND so forth, BUT you continue counting games, no sets. So in the 45 min of play the score could be 9-4, or 11-2 etc.

The winner shall send the result by e-mail to no later than the day after the match

The tournament will be posted on Tournament Software, which means you can see all results for all groups in one place. The name of the tournament is OTK Spring Challenge 2018 (internal)


Drop in prices and courts

Mondays and Wednesdays we have set 1 court between 9:00 and 10:00 and 3 courts between 10:00 and 12:00 for drop-in. On Fridays, there is 1 court between 9:00 and 10:00, and 2 courts between 10:00 and 12:00. Indoor drop-in costs 50, – pr. an hour for members and 75, – for non-members. Outdoors it is free for members and 50, – pr. an hour for non-members.

Drop-in is billed once every two months.  


Welcome to the drop-in double in the Oslo Tennis Club. This is a very popular activity and we have some rules to work optimally:

  • Attendance is in the entrance to the clubhouse. Tick ​​your name on the current date on the list, which is on the right side of the door of the men’s wardrobe
  • Change to inside shoes in the wardrobe – not inside the bubble. Also, don’t go from the car or from home in tennis shoes, it gets quickly dirty in the bubble.
  • Do not go into the bubble until 5 minutes before playing time, and wait to enter the track until the playing time starts. (If no one else plays on paths you have to cross, you can go to the track a little earlier)
  • Players meeting at 11:00 will be sure to play. Those who have already played 2 hours must first give way. If necessary, also someone who has only played 1 hour. We must share!
  • Players of all levels are included in the drop-in. We must, therefore, set up double-matches by the level. The best players are on court 7, then court 5, and then 3.

Remember to check the played time on the overview list in the bubble!