Coronavirus – OTK measures new update March 19

Coronavirus – OTK measures new update March 19

Information to our members and course participants:


Earlier we have informed all members and course participants that the club is closed until further notice. The closure is based on Corona infection measures decisions made by Norwegian authorities. The Norwegian Sport Federation has also issued clear rules that all sport activities shall be stopped until further notice. We do not know how long this situation will last, but as all others we’re hoping to resume activities as soon as possible. 

We’re planning to distribute a weekly information letter about what’s happening at the club but will of course inform you immediately should it be possible to resume activities. 

  • The club house is closed but janitor Jozef is at work, and he’s now cleaning all wardrobes, toilets and showers 
  • The plastic dome is also closed, the lights are shut off and the thermostat is set to 5 degrees all day and night. Jozef has vacuumed all courts, and is now cleaning the courts and all surfaces that people can touch 
  • The outdoor courts are closed, but Jozef is working on preparing these for play as soon as that is allowed. He’s removing moss and leaves and is preparing to put on more sand. The plastic lines on 11 and 12 are removed, and will be replaced with painted lines 
  • OTK is in dialogue with NIF, NTF and local health authorities to hear if outdoor play with restrictions can be accepted
  • Reidar is in the office every day, and is accessible via phone and mail
  • The coaches are working mostly from home but is dropping by OTK regularly to do odd tasks. The coaches are also preparing the summer camps, plus other activities that are not prioritized in a normally hectic workweek 
  • Even though the courses are temporarily stopped you can still practice at home. The coaches will regularly post practices on our webpage, Facebook and Instagram that you can do at home 

We are sorry that we must take such drastic measures, and we hope to welcome all back to practice as soon as possible.

Contact OTK if you have any questions

Reidar Nilsen
Club Director
Phone: 916 33 299