Registration for all autumn courses is on now.

Registration for all autumn courses is on now.

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The children of Oslo Tennis club would like to invite all members and non-members and course participants with families, relatives and friends to our midsummer tennis charity on Saturday, June 15, between 08.00 am – 11.00 pm  (08.00-23.00). Everyone is welcome to this special event.

The purposes of this event are many. We want everyone to enjoy tennis all day, socialize with barbeque, but also have the chance to give (donate) an amount of their own choosing for the startup of an activity fund for our tennis-school. A portion of the money will also go to Heggeli orphanage, a local institution in Skøyen that is taking care of children coming from particularly difficult family situations. 

Everyone can come at any time and stay as long as they wish, but to ensure that there are not too many people at the same time we have a time schedule for the day. Enclosed you will find the time schedule and a brief explanation of the event.

We really wish that all of you can join us on Saturday the15th of June!



You will be given a wrist band with green or red colour upon arrival. The green colour will represent the children of the OTK tennisschool and the red colour the charity (Heggeli barnehjem).

Throughout the day, green and red participants go on the courts to play normal games against each other, like in normal tennismatch counting 15, 30, 40 game etc..  At the end of play they come to one of the court guards and give their result. Any type of matchup can be played, singles, doubles, mother-daughter, mother-son, father-son, mother-friend, uncle-grandmother etc..any matchup is possible. If a participant with a red wristband can’t find a green opponent, they can play another red and vice versa. 

Depending on the amount of people present you can play at least 30 min at a time if there is a line waiting to play. If there are few people present you can play as long as you wish.  The idea is to play 30 min- 1 hour, then socialize and eat and drink and then go on the court and play again. 

At the end of the event the total amount of games played will be counted – also deciding the donation amount (explained under donation).


  • 08:00 – 09:00 All coaches come and play with spouses, girlfriends and friends. All members also welcome. Drop-in participants.
  • 09:00 -12:00 Green league playoffs, green tennis school participants plus family members and friends, and all other members welcome. Drop-in members
  • 12:00-14:00  Red group tournament, all participants from red level with families and friends and members from drop-in.
  • 14:00-16:00  Orange group tournament, all participants from orange level with families and friends.
  • 16:00-18:00  Green and yellow group participants with families and friends. All other members under the age of 20.
  • 18.00-23:00  All participants from our adult classes with families and friends plus all members of the club with families and friends.

Information to donators/charity givers

At the end of the day the total amount of games played will be counted. It will most likely range somewhere between 1300 and 1600 games, depending on weather and the number of people participating. As a donator/charity giver you have signed a donation letter with amounts ranging from 20 øre to 5 kroner (or higher if you want) per game played.

Donation table (examples):

Games/Amount20 øre50 øre1 kr2 kr5 kr
500100 kr250 kr500 kr1000 kr2500 kr
1000200 kr500 kr1000 kr2000 kr5000 kr
1500300 kr750 kr1500 kr3000 kr7500 kr
2000400 kr1000 kr2000 kr4000 kr10000 kr

The money that you donate will be distributed in the following way:

OTK´s tennisschools activity fund   –  72,5 %

Heggeli orphanage                           –   27,5%

A flat rate of 40 kr will be taken from every donation letter signed to cover administration costs. So if you have signed a donation letter of 20 öre and 1278 games were played during the day you money will be distributed as follows:

1278 games X 0.2kr (20 öre)  = 255,60 kr – 40 kr (admin costs) = 215,60kr

OTK´s tennisschools activity fund: 215,60 X 0,725(72,5 %)       = 156,31kr

Heggeli orphanage: 215,60 X 0,275 (27,5%)                      = 59,29kr

OTK will send a Vipps request to each donor after the event with the amount to be paid.

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