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Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in America

Pickleball is a paddle sport with combined elements of tennis, badminton and ping pong, and played on a doubles badminton court. The net is similar to a tennis net, but is two inches lower. The game is played with a hard paddle that is similar to table tennis and usually made up of graphite or composite. The ball is comparable to a Wiffle ball.

The game can be played in either singles’ or doubles’ matches.

Pickleball grew in 2020 to 4.2 million players in the US, an incredible growth rate of 21.3% from 2019 per the Sports & Fitness Industry Association’s (SFIA) 2020 Pickleball Participant Report, released in Feb. 2021.

Pickleball is for everyone, and it’s a great family sport, too. “Anyone can play, from eight-year olds up to 100-year olds,” “It’s great for hand-eye coordination for younger kids.”

Health Benefits

Since pickleball moves at a slower pace than tennis, it’s easier on the joints while also improving balance, coordination and agility. This makes it a wonderful choice for those who have had injuries in the past, or former tennis players looking for a gentler alternative.

For new players, the basics of the sport are easy to learn. Typically, one session of three or four games is all that it takes.

Playing pickleball can boost your mood and overall mental health, you burn calories, and fewer injuries occur due to the low impact nature of the game. Pickleball specifically works on your balance and agility while it also offers the same benefits of other regular exercise. These include reducing your risk of heart attack and chronic disease, toning your muscles and increasing your energy.

Most of all, pickleball is a social sport where you will create friendship anywhere you play.

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