Overall regulations 

  1. It is a prerequisite for play that you are not ill, and that the infection rules are being followed
  2. The courts are open between 07:00 and 23:00 (weekends 08:00-22:00)
  3. Players must be members of OTK, or play with a member of OTK
  4. The club house with wardrobes, second floor and gym is closed
    • It is possible to fill water canteens outdoors
    • The toilet in the lobby is open Monday through Friday
    • The ball dispenser in the lobby is open
    • Use the antibac-dispenser to the left of the entrance to the lobby before you use the toilet or the ball dispenser
  5. No show will result in 1-month loss of booking rights
    • You must either cancel your booking in Matchi 1 hour before, or sms Reidar on 916 33 299 if something urgent has happened. If you just do not show up it is considered a no-show
  6. OTK will monitor that the rules are being followed. A break of rules will result in 1-month loss of booking rights

Other regulations 

    1. Drop-in is back again Mondays-Wednesdays-Fridays between 9am and 12 am
    2. Double is allowed
    3. We have opened all courses expect kindergarten
    4. Play with non-members:
      • The charge is 200 NOK per hour for the member – no matter the time of day
      • The member shall register play before you go on court. There are forms inside the lobby to the right of the men’s wardrobe entrance, and on the board to the left of the entrance to the gym and office

Court rules 

  1. The court shall be booked in Matchi in advance, no drop-in
  2. The players shall not sit on the benches on court, and shall use gloves when using court and line brooms on the courts where that is necessary (alternatively use wet wipes to wipe off the brooms)
  3. The play shall stop 5 minutes before the full hour, and you shall leave the court as quickly as possible
  4. All balls must be picked up before leaving the court
  5. Arriving players must wait outside the court until the on-court players have left the court
  6. It is recommended to bring antibac with you for washing hands before, during and after practice
  7. Do not spit on the courts! Do not spit snuff on the courts!