Cooperation with Qualified solutions

Cooperation with Qualified solutions

«10 seconds of activity can give 10.000 kroner in the club’s coffers”

Oslo Tennisklubb has entered into an exciting cooperation project with our sponsor and partner Qualified Solutions that is not only giving OTK advantages, but is also giving the local businesses a positive contribution.

Through Qualified Solutions partner LeadX it is very easy for OTK members to register a sales lead for Qualified Solutions that will give cash back to the club.

Qualified Solution is a company that recruits to both temporary and permanent positions at management and staff levels.

You can therefore contribute to OTK no matter at what level your network is.

The cooperation works as follows:

If you know about a company in your network that needs extra manpower you use a few seconds to register this information through an app called LeadX360.

The tip rewards OTK with 200 NOK. If the tip leads to a meeting the club receives an additional 300 NOK, and if the tip leads to a recruitment assignment OTK will be compensated with a total of 10.000 NOK.

The club will also reward those that brings extra income to the club. On the 10th day of every month we will update a list of accumulated contributions to the club since startup. Everyone that has contributed 5000 NOK or more to the club will get a free private lesson. Every additional contribution of 5000 NOK will give a new private lesson. Hvordan komme i gang?

  1. Set aside 5-7 minutes to watch these videos:

Who is Qualified Solutions?

More information about LeadX

Why is this good for Oslo Tennisklubb?

  1. Registrer via this link:

and create your personal password

  1. Download LeadX360 at AppStore or PlayStore and log in with your email and your new password.
  2. You’re set to go!

We encourage all members to be agile in both your job and personal network, and use the app whenever you identify a need.

Use 10 seconds to post a tip, and Qualified Solutions will do the rest!

Thanks for contributing!