Coronavirus – rules as from January 21

Coronavirus – rules as from January 21

Who can play?

In the plastic dome:

  • children born in 2008 and later can participate in organised practice or take private lessons


  • All members can book courts outdoors. We will keep courts 4, 6, 8 and 9 open for play as long as we manage to keep the snow at bay.
  • People under the age of 20 can also participate in organised practice outdoors, including private lessons


  • No one with symptoms of Covid-19 infection, including fever, respiratory symptoms, or other symptoms that may indicate Covid-19 infection, may play or stay at facilities associated with OTK until clarified by a doctor no Covid-19 infection
  • No person with a previously proven Covid-19 infection can play or stay at facilities associated with OTK before being cleared by a doctor
  • No persons with imposed home isolation or quarantine may play or stay at facilities associated with OTK until the period has expired
  • Normal infection control rules apply with no physical contact (always applies and also outside OTK’s facility), frequent hand washing and 1-meter distance (except inside the household

The following is done to reduce the possibility of people getting close together around the entrance and the stairs down to court 3:

  • All courses, private lessons, subscription lessons, team training and regular course bookings must end games 5 minutes before full time. Balls are picked up, and you should be out of the bubble before a full hour
  • Everyone who enters the bubble – regardless of activity – must wait until a full hour to enter
  • Everyone who enters the bubble should wash their hands with Antibac – the dispenser hangs on the board close to the door when you enter the dome
  • It is possible to wait upstairs in the fireplace room in the clubhouse if you arrive early

Children’s course (kindergarten, red, orange, green, competition) 

Same as general, plus: 

  • Children should not be escorted into the bubble or picked up in the bubble. If parents need help with dressing and undressing, this can be done in the locker rooms in the clubhouse
  • The coaches will follow the youngest children out of the bubble and onto the clubhouse when the training is over. Parents are asked not to gather right outside the entrance to the bubble
  • Parents who wait while their children exercise can either wait in the fireplace room upstairs on the second floor of the clubhouse or sit outside the clubhouse when it is sunny and nice weather
  • Children who ride bicycles must put the bicycle in or next to the bicycle racks, do not lock them in the fences just outside the bubble – this makes it very difficult to pass