Hans Jacob Kavli er ukens trener

Hans Jacob Kavli er ukens trener

Age💁‍♂️: 27

Position👉: Tennis Coach

Contact details✒️: hans_jacob_kavli@hotmail.com, 938 41 972

Education🎓: Master of science in business and economics, with a major in Business Law, Tax and Accounting (Handelshøyskolen BI). Working in full time in Handelsbanken . Certificates: Activity leader tennis, “Trener 1 Kurs” with the Swedish Federation.

Tennis experience🎾: Hans Jacob was among the best players in his age group as ajunior. Academy player at ISP tennis academy in Nice, France. He tried to become a professional tennis player/ academy player, but he suffered from a long list of injuries. He has been coaching since 2005. At Njård tennis club (from 2005-2012) and at OTK from 2012 until today.

Hobbies🏃‍♂️: Weightlifting, Road bike, Cross-country skiing.

I dag presenterer vi Filip Stajic

I dag presenterer vi Filip Stajic

Age💁‍♂️: 23

Position👉: Tennis Coach

Contact details✒️: sfilips94@gmail.com, 941 01 775

Education🎓: Bachelors degree in special education. Finished sports high school in Ålesund, Norway. Tennis education: ITF level 1, ITF level 2, GPTCA C-level license (ATP certified)

Tennis experience🎾: Filip started playing tennis when he was 6 years old in Belgrade, Serbia. Moved to Norway when he was 15 years old. He started his coaching career in Ålesund tennis club as an assistant coach in 2010. After working for some time in Ålesund, he moved to Oslo and continued working in several clubs such as Nesøya tennis club, Bygdø tennis club, Furuset tennis club and Soon tennis club. He has been working with all levels and ages (red, orange, green, children, adults). Since 2016 Filip has been working in Oslo tennis club.

Hobbies🏃‍♂️: Other sports activities, music, outdoor.

OTK ansatte – Jan Lucky

OTK ansatte – Jan Lucky

This week we introduce a coach who is very well known in our club:

Jan Lucky

Age💁‍♂️: 39

Position👉: Sports director

Education🎓: Master’s degree in International Business (Centro universitario de Villanueva, Madrid), Master’s degree in Digital Marketing (In progress, EUDE, European Business School). Certificates: USPTA Elite professional, RPT Director of Tennis, ICI Director of tennis, APEspana Professional, Marketing Tactico. Constantly educating himself in various tennis conferences and workshops every year.

Tennis Experience🎾: Since early 2000’s participating in USTA (United States Tennis Association). Jan started to coach in North Carolina and South Florida in 2004, getting certified by USNTA in 2005. In 2008 he worked as a private coach in Lima, Peru. In 2009 he took a job as an assistant tennis director in Dectra Tennis academy in Valencia, Spain, where he was working with high-performance juniors, running camps and travelling with the players. In OAM Godella tennis school he was working with players of all levels and ages. Jan has been working in OTK since 2013.

Hobbies🏃‍♂️: Travelling, sports in general.

OTK ansatte – Marc Santin

OTK ansatte – Marc Santin

Age💁‍♂️: 34

Position 👉: Tennis Coach

Contact details ✒️: marcsantinduaso@gmail.com, 919 02 490

Education🎓: Bachelor’s degree in Market Investigation and Marketing Techniques, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. Bachelor’s degree in Economic Sciences, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. Coach ITF Level 2. courses promoted by Catalan Tennis Federation and Norwegian Tennis Federation.

Tennis experience🎾: Marc started coaching at the age of 16. He was coaching in many tennis clubs and tennis academies in Barcelona, Spain. He was the head coach in 2 tennis clubs in Barcelona. In 2013 he arrived in Oslo to work with one player under 12 and to work for Bygdøy Tennisklubb. In 2014-15 he was the coach of Tiago Caçao, top 150 in the ITF ranking. He was travelling with him around the world in the ITF junior tour. From 2015 to 2018 worked at Njård as a coach for kids U12, U14, and U16. He started working at Oslo Tennisklubb in August 2018.

Hobbies🏃‍♂️: Live music, playing percussion instruments and travelling.

OTKs ansatte – i dag er det Jakub Cvandas tur

OTKs ansatte – i dag er det Jakub Cvandas tur

Age: 23

Position: Tennis and Fitness Coach

Contact details: jakub.cvanda@fittenis.com, 939 49 409

Education: Bachelor of Physical Education and Sport (Tennis and Athletic specialization), 2018 Charles University, Prague. Personal fitness trainer for individuals and Sports clubs (Tennis specialization), Compensation in Sport, Czech tennis license grade III., Slovak tennis license grade II.

Tennis experience: Jakub started his coaching career in 2010 as an assistant coach for his club in Trencin, Slovakia. He had been working with kids up to the age of 10. He is cooperating with AS Trencin tennis club till now, as an organizer of children summer camps. Between 2016 and 2018 he had been working as a tennis coach in RS Sportcentrum Prague. During this time he was also working with several tennis players and swimmers as a fitness coach. In 2016 he was working few months in Oslo Tennisklubb as a part-time coach, during his exchange semester in Norwegian School of Sports Science. In 2018 he was the co-founder of the project Fitness Instructional Tenis, which is running in OTK right now. Jakub has started working in OTK in August 2018.

Hobbies: Sport, Photography and Video, Food, Travelling

OTK norgesmestre utendørs 2018

OTK norgesmestre utendørs 2018

OTK spillere har deltatt i landsturneringen under 12, NM junior, NM senior og NM veteran, og noen norgesmestre har det blitt:

NM senior

Herrer double: Jakob Grøner (med Lukas Lilleengen, Stabekk TK)

NM junior

Gutter u 19 single: Jakob Grøner
Gutter u16 double: Ole Tinius Stave Lepsøe (med Felix Nordby, Bygdø TK)
Mixed u16: Mille Hågensen (med Kristoffer Ståhlbrand, Furuset IF)


Damer single 40+: Gro Worren
Herrer single 85+: Erik Wibe
Damer double 35/40: Gro Worren (med Eileen Rosenlid, Bekkelagshøgda)


OTKs ansatte – i dag er det Leila Sukkar

OTKs ansatte – i dag er det Leila Sukkar

Leila Sukkar

Age💁‍♂️: 35

Position👉: Tennis Coach

Contact details✒️: leila.hisham.sukkar@gmail.com, 938 27 949

Education🎓: Bachelor of Arts in English & German Language Studies, 2006 University of Jordan. International Baccalaureate, Making the PYP Happen in the Classroom, University of Wisconsin Stout Professional Development in Early Childhood. ITF Coaching Beginner & Intermediate Players Course (Level 1).

Tennis experience🎾: Leila played club tennis for 5 years in Serbia and represented Jordan Tennis Federation (JTF) for 8 years in tournaments at national and international level with participation at the 2000 Fed Cup in Japan. She worked as an extra-curricular Tennis Coach at International Community School, where she instructed beginners aged 7-10. She also participated in coaching children’s groups at summer camps which was part of her duties for Jordanian Tennis Federation. Leila has been working for OTK since September 2017. She is specialised in groups up to the age of 12.

Hobbies🏃‍♂️: Fitness, Cooking, Reading, Socialising

OTKs ansatte – i dag presenterer vi Michael Molin

OTKs ansatte – i dag presenterer vi Michael Molin

Age 💁‍♂️: 48

Position 👉: Head Coach

Contact details ✒️: michael.molin@oslotk.no, 412 39 951

Education 🎓: B.A., D. Tr., PTCA Accredited Tennis Professional, Diploma of Training and Coaching (ESTESS), State approved tennis teacher (AUT), USPTA Professional 1, RPT Director of Tennis

Tennis experience 🎾: Michael started his coaching career in 1994, as an assistant coach for his old University team in the USA. Between 1995 and 2012 he worked as teaching and high performance coach in Luxembourg. Coached over 25 national champions. He was also working for the Tennis Federation 2003-2008, where he was national and traveling coach for 14 and under and WTA level ladies. He has worked with numerous players at Fed cup level (ladies) and boys later reaching Davis cup level. Since 2013 Michael is the Head coach at OTK.

Hobbies 🏃‍♂️: Travelling, Golf, Fishing