New Multiskills course

New Multiskills course


Do you want to make your children better movers? 


Multi Skills is a new and unique method that drives children to develop their motor skills for life and any sport.Multi Skills delivers intense movement trainings full of joy and interaction. 

Multi skills course will introduce the kids variety of sports like football, tennis, basketball, baseball, hockey, gymnastics, athletics……

New Multiskills course

Trough out this course kids will try and learn all kinds of movements that develop their coordination, agility, balance, speed, strength and flexibility necessary for all kinds of sport.

Duration:  45 min

Material:  All kinds of balls, agility ladders, hockey sticks, goals, jumping rope, tennis racket……..

New Multiskills course


Why to join the Multi Skills course?  Benefits:

1. Increases long-term participation in sport

Making children aware of the many different physical requirements of playing sports and physical activity may lead them to take responsibility for their own physical development and preparation as they get older.

2. Transfers abilities to other sports 

Physical skills, decision-making ability and other positive attributes can be developed through multi-skills coaching and can be used if, or when, children transfer to another sport.

3. Improves sporting performance

Improved fundamentals of movement such as running mechanics, quicker direction changes and a more stable base will improve performance in almost any sport in the long-run.

Multi-skills sessions can develop flexibility, core stability, strength, stamina, power and speed and provide all-round physical conditioning.

4. Injury prevention

Multi-skills sessions can reduce the risk of injuries such as repetitive strains and an imbalance in muscular development.

5. Inclusion: Everyone can be involved

By incorporating multi-skills activities coaches can ensure that there is an opportunity for the less-dominant players to achieve success. In particular, many balance and coordination activities don’t have external interference such as racing an opponent or being tackled and can allow a youngster time to develop their movement skills.

6. Re-engages people no longer playing sport

We believe that a multi sports approach can re-engage the 16-25 year old age group that have dropped out of sport. They recognise the multiple benefits of running multi-sport sessions.

New Multiskills course

Registration via Matchi

Club championship 2019

Club championship 2019

OTK invites you to the club championship Friday 30 August – Sunday 1 September.



Gutter og jenter single 10 år og under
Gutter single 12 år og under
Jenter single 12 år og under
Gutter single 16 år og under
Jenter single 16 år og under
Herrer single
Damer single
Herrer single 50 år og over
Damer single 50 år og over


Double gutter og jenter under 12 år (gutter og jenter kan spille sammen)
Double gutter og jenter under 16 år (gutter og jenter kan spille sammen)
Herrer double
Damer double
Mixed double
Generasjonsdouble (minimum 18 år mellom spillepartnerne)

Minimum 4 players per class.

You can participate in up to 3 classes.

Sign-uo by mail to no later than August 20. Members only.

Fee of 100,- in single, 50,- per player in double will be invoiced.

New Cardio FIT Tenis course

New Cardio FIT Tenis course

Cardio FIT Tenis is a fun, social, group tennis-fitness program for people of all ages and abilities. Constant movement is the focus as a qualified coach guides you through a series of footwork, strength heart-pumping exercises and tennis drills that will help you to improve your tennis and fitness levels.

This high intensity training/ultimate workout is set up for 6 players AND 2 COACHES on the court for more attention to each player.

Register your kids on time

Register your kids on time

Registration for our kid’s courses is getting faster than we expected. Register your kids on time and secure them good spots for next season.

You can also select levels you prefer (kindergarten, red, orange, green or yellow). That will help us to make the groups correctly from the beginning.

You can register all kids via matchi

Registration for all autumn courses is on now.

Registration for all autumn courses is on now.

It’s better to not wait until the last moment.

All information about the courses you find in menu —> courses.

If you want to sign up directly, you can do it here:

Registration via Matchi

Important: In the registration form it says “Personal number”. Do not use your social security number, use date of birth (ddmmyy)

Prioritization: Members, former course participants, new course participants

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Partnership with
Partnership with
Partnership with
Partnership with
Partnership with
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